Calligraphy and ACTG pattern
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Ecce Homology is made possible by the generous support from a variety of industry and academic sponsors. pictograph rendering    
Intel Corporation    
UCLA Technology Sandbox / Academic Technology Services    
NEC Solutions America, Inc., Visual Systems Division    
Hypermedia Studio, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television    
UCSD Center for Research in Computing and the Arts    
Computer Graphics and Immersive Technology Laboratory
USC Integrated Media Systems Center
UCSD Sixth College: Culture, Art and Technology    
UCIRA: University of California Institute for Research in Computing and the Arts    
National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR)    
Special Thanks    
Marla Berns, Sheldon Brown, Donna Cox, Carmela Cunningham, Sara Diamond, Linda Duke, Sonia Gottlieb, Laura Hernandez, Carol Hobson, Julie R. Korenberg, Hirokazu Kosaka, Yanina Landa, Linda Lauro-Lazin, David Mayo, Lori McMichael, Ulrich Neumann, Pat Neill, Stephen Nowlin, Betsy Quick, Neil Smalheiser, Marsha Smith, Jimmy Suo,Carolyn Staggs, Maroon Tabbal, Victoria Vesna, Fabian Wagmeister, Harold Wong.    
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brush strokes enlarged